Meet Sarah

My name is Sarah Rakov and I am a family court attorney with twenty years of experience, and a vast knowledge of the court and the matters that come before it. I am running to be your next Ulster County Family Court Judge.


Experience and Knowledge of the Law

It’s crucial that the next Ulster County Family Court Judge have experience with both the law needed to adjudicate the variety of matters that are handled by the court and with the litigants who come before the court. Family Court is an extremely busy court and it’s critical that we elect a judge who is ready from day one to serve and hear these very difficult and deeply personal matters.  Having represented both children and litigants in Ulster County Family Court, as well as worked with the Ulster Youth Part judge to help redirect teens who have made mistakes, I have the  empathy and compassion that we need on our court. Always prioritizing the best interests of the children involved, over the two decades that I have represented children in family court, I have developed the ability to find resolutions to very difficult matters.

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Dedicated and Compassionate

I have dedicated my legal career to helping children and families, guided by a sense of duty to serve my community instilled in me by my parents.  As early as my second year of law school, I worked for Greater Boston Legal Services, representing women and helping them to obtain uncontested divorces and orders of protection when needed.  My dedication has been fueled by a deep compassion for the struggles that too many families face today.  I understand first-hand that the residents of Ulster County must have a judge who possesses the qualities of compassion, duty, and empathy to ensure that the children of this county continue to be protected.

Children First 

Determining what is in the best interest of the child is the overarching standard used by a family court judge when deciding a matter before her. For 16 years as an attorney for children in Ulster County Family Court, my job has been to help the judge make that determination by meeting with the children, talking to their teachers, doctors and service providers, and ascertaining the needs of my child clients. I will bring this experience to the bench so that I may continue to put first the interests of the children of Ulster County.


I hope that I will have your support for Ulster County Family Court Judge.




  • Principal Court Attorney to Honorable Anthony McGinty

    • Ulster County Family Court. 2017-present. Kingston, New York.

    • Responsibilities include the following: Drafting of decisions after fact-finding, Drafting of motion decisions, Settlement conferences in an effort to resolve cases before trial.

  • Sole Practioner

    • The Law Offices of Sarah E. Rakov, Esq. P.C. 2001-2017. Kingston, New York.

    • Responsibilities included: Representation of clients in all aspects of a family court, matrimonial practice and criminal matters. Drafted petitions, appeared in court from arraignment to trial. As an Ulster County Indigent counsel panel (18B), represented the underserved communities of Ulster County in family and criminal court.
      Member of the New York State Attorney for Child panel, represented and advocated for children in custody and neglect proceedings.


  • Associate Attorney

    • Law Office of Mitchell H. Spinac, Esq. 1999-2001. Kingston, New York.

    • Responsibilities included the following: Handled all aspects of a wide range of legal matters including family, matrimonial, criminal, vehicle and traffic and worker’s compensation.


  • Associate Attorney

    • Law Office of Edward C. Hamada, Esq. Boston, Massachusetts

    • Responsibilities included the following: Handled all aspects of a matrimonial, family law and attorney malpractice cases.


  • Legal Intern

    • Children’s Law Center. 1996-1997. Lynn, Massachusetts.

    • Responsibilities included the following: Represented children with mental health diagnosis remain in school. Including attending CSE meetings in order to advocate for the child. Representing children at superintendent hearings.


  • Legal Intern

    • Massachusetts Department of Revenue. 1995. Cambridge, Massachusetts

    • Responsibilities included the following: Researched various child support policies to determine constitutionality of same


  • Legal Intern

    • Greater Boston Legal Services. Boston, Massachusetts

    • Responsibilities included the following: Under the supervision of an attorney, represented battered women in an effort to obtain protections orders and divorce decrees.


  • Hearing Officer

    • Ulster County Board of Health. 2014-2017. 

    • Responsibilities included: Presiding over hearing and issuing written decisions on health code violation case brought by the county.

Ulster County Bar Association
Ulster County Bar Association Board-Mock Trial Coordinator
Past Chair of the Town of Esopus Democratic Committee
Past Member of Town of Esopus Democratic Committee


J.D., Northeastern University School of Law, 1996 

(Bar admission, Massachusetts 1996, New York, 3rd Dept. 1998)

B.A., Colgate University, 1993